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Women’s No Pay Day in UK

Today is women’s no-pay day in a developed country like U.K. This has been called to demand equal pay on par with men! Now I did not expect such work pay discrimination based on gender in UK, of all the countries.

Women’s No Pay Day in UK



Gender Equality – Is it a myth?

Domestic Violence 

I wanted to write about Domestic Violence (DV) as a crime thats increasing its wings with each passing day, but then I thought, the roots are much deeper… And I would rather address an issue, which could be one of the prime causes!

Let us answer a couple of questions first.

  1. Do illiterate women suffer from DV? YES
  2. Do educated women suffer from DV? YES
  3. Do housewives suffer from DV? YES 
  4. Do working women suffer from DV? YES
  5. Do young women suffer from DV? YES
  6. Do ageing women suffer from DV? YES
  7. Do mothers suffer from DV? YES
  8. Do celebrities suffer from DV? YES

Answers to all the above questions are a resounding YES!

Was going through the case of Shweta Tiwari a couple of days ago. Being famous, beautiful, and the sole bread-earner of the family, did not stop her from being physically abused by her husband, whose sole claim to fame is that he is Shweta’s husband. The fact that she had been suffering this for almost 8 years now, speaks volumes!



Welcome to Its a Free World!

This is a small step to add voice to the unsung and unheard sections of the society. It is a “small step, but a giant leap for the mankind.” Lol… 🙂