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Welcome to Its a Free World!

This is a small step to add voice to the unsung and unheard sections of the society. It is a “small step, but a giant leap for the mankind.” Lol… 🙂


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  1. It’s a very noble idea and I wish you guys end up adding some value to society through this.
    I have few suggestions if you dont mind.
    Having a noble idea is one thing and executing it with some tangible results a totally different ball game. Iam not sure what exactly you girls have in your minds. I mean do you want to write on socially relevant topics in this blog and then create awareness by promoting your blog? Or you guys want to start some social service organization at grass root level?
    If you want to promote your blog , it’s important you use some e-marketing strategies. I mean you cannot expect decent results if only your friends and fellow bloggers come and read your blog. You should target going much beyond that.
    Whatever you guys wanna do, you should have a plan and should go about it in a structured way so that your precious time and energy doesnt go waste.
    I wish you both very good luck..and ya, do let me know if I could contribute in any way.

    : Thank you for your wishes and suggestions! The idea behind the blog is to make it a vocal cord for every unheard yet significant issue. Not only social causes, but also things that make our lives better. That is the first step, our short-term goal.

    As for contribution at grassroot level, we still have to think over how to handle it. This blog is not yet even a week old, so long way to go. We are sure we will take all the steps. One by one. We surely welcome your contribution :), after all we do not want to be lone warriers.

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