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November 25 is International Day for Elimination of Violence against women. This day is observed to mark the public awareness about the issue by UN agencies and NGOs worldwide.

Stop gender-based violence

Here is a UN initiative against International violence: A web site for A Life Free from Violence: It’s our right. Sadly no national organization from India is listed on organizations page in this web site. 😦

UN has also started an International campaign called 16 days of activism against gender violence from November 25 to December 10.

According to UN definition of violence against women, it not only includes physical, psychological, sexual abuse in the family, child sexual abuse (CSA) of female children, dowry deaths, rape, sexual harassment but also physical, psychological, sexual violence perpetrated or condoned by a state. Acts of violence against women also include forced sterilization and forced abortion, coercive/forced use of contraceptives, female infanticide and prenatal.

You might have guess which of the violence is on my mind. One that is overlooked or perpetrated by state. Recently a news spread like fire on each new site and also on blogosphere: Saudi court punishes a gang rape victim with 200 lashes!

Before we dismiss this piece of news with excuse that Saudi is a regressive country, let’s introspect our own. State is overlooking women’s rights (and other citizen’s rights) in our eastern states: Nandigram in West Bengal and Guwahati in Assam.

In Nandigram, it was widely reported in news that state-sponsored CPM cadres raped women of the protesting poor folk in Nandigram. While, in Guwahati, aadivasi women demanding for ST reservation status were stripped naked and beaten by residents. What state did? Offered one lakh compensation to the victim!1 lakh price of my indignity, suffering and humilation.

I strongly protest against the behavior of the residents who committed such a grave crime. I am ashamed to be part of such a society. I protest against the law enforcement and governance that lets inflecting such injustices on its citizens.

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Comments on: "No Gender-based Violence, Please!" (7)

  1. Thanks for this post…

    Heavens!! I wasnt aware of the Saudi Lashing… Its gruesome! Who punishes the victim? What law?

    I am aghast!!!

  2. Saudi has stringent laws. They sentenced the girl for lashes because she was found with gair-mard in a car in evening when rape happened. Her sentence of lashes was increased when she took her case to media. But several human rights activists protested. THis became an issue worldwide. But what about in India? Rapes in Nandigram and stripping woman in Guwahati! The stripping clip was all over national television.

  3. […] UN is celebrating 16 days of activism against gender violence from 25 November to December 10. Violence is on condoned and initiated by the State. Is Saudi only country where women are oppressed? What about India? Let’s introspect here. […]

  4. Oh, Saudi is pretty bad. When I was in Dubai recently visiting my sister, she told me that in Saudi you have separate family timings and bachelor timings (for men only!). Women can not go out in the streets without their husbands (even brothers are not allowed I think). Just terrible!

    On the lighter side, she also mentioned that some of her male friends heave of sigh of relief when they come to Dubai airport and are able to see some women around them 😛

    Nandigram/Assam: Such things always happen when the law and order breaks down, and people get a free wheel to do anything they want, and its terrible that it is happening in India. Restoring law and order in these place is the most important thing not just for women’s safety, but also for all the other problems that are creeping up there.

  5. @KK: I wouldnt say that law and order is breaking down. In most place, specially villages, IT IS LAW!!! Maybe the law-makers of these places need to take notice!!

  6. Dear Poonam, thanks for the link; I won’t write much about Nandigram further (said it all 🙂 ). But definitely will go on writing, but in an entirely different mode though. Thanks again and regards

  7. @KK: Yes, Saudi is bad!

    And yes, in place like Nandigram it is more than violence against women. But why gender-based crimes happen, I wonder?

    @Life’s elsewhere: Well, you are welcome! Your digest had entire chain of Nandigram events with v live pictures!

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