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Anti-Domestic Violence Video

More I come across domestic violence, more poignant feelings I have. This time watch this brief 30-sec youtube video:

Warning: The video has violence. With a message.

This video is part of Canadian anti-domestic abuse campaign that never went on air.


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  1. bottlecappie said:

    Please put a trigger warning above this video. Thanks.

  2. @Bottlecappie: As requested, I put a warning.

    But was the violence really too much? I mean its brief and the post clearly states that the video is about domestic violence. Any feedback is appreciated, it helps to make such posts in future.

  3. bottlecappie said:

    The warning does help. Obviously, I should have known the video would have violent images, or images of dv, but for some reason I just unthinkingly clicked the play button. Seeing the warning right underneath, where you have it now, would have reminded me that I need to be in the right head-space to view something like that.

    A lot of dv survivors, or anyone who has ptsd issues, are easily triggered by violent images or even written descriptions of violence. I can’t bear to watch any kind of depiction of rape, I’ll have nightmares for days. The way the waitress in the video was sreaming really freaked me out.

    So thank you for putting the warning there. I always appreciate it when people do that, it’s saved me from stupidly watching things that I’m not prepared to see. That’s a very kind thing to do.

  4. Thanks bottlecappie for the explanation, it helps.

    I apologise that I unwittingly caused you a mental discomfort. It was certainly not my intention. I didn’t realize, though video did create a lump in my heart.

    You take care!

  5. I am the director of domestic violence programming in my county here in Wisconsin. I have worked teaching perpetrators for more than 24 years. I found this video on you tube a few months ago and immediately adopted it for my programming. The message it portrays is both poignant and crucial. To the people who have mentioned that the video offended their sensibilities I must say – WAKE UP! This behavior is the reality for many women and men throughout american society. The latest figures show that more than 30% of american women suffer abuse in intimate relationships. I must say if anyone continues to hide their heads in the sand rather than confront this reality, they are contributing to the problem and tacitly giving permission for abusers to continue abusing. You can call me hard hearted and tough minded if you will, you will but victims cannot control the levels of violence they are subjected to. There are only three ways that abuse stops: One is the abuser goes to jail – this is short-term. Two is the abuser dies – this is long-term. Three is the abuser stops being abusive. This is the only proven paradigm.

  6. Hi Jolie,

    Thank you so much for dropping by.

    Your comment was very insightful. Yes, I completely agree with you. Sometimes, I feel, most of us are not exposed enough… we are so happy in our little lives that we do not even know all that goes around us. And you are very right when you say that by not reacting, we are actually contributing to the problem, because it continues to haunt people around us.

    I have noticed one more problem with people around us. Unless something happens to us or our near ones, we keep thinking, that we are immune to it and that it can not happen to us. We could not be more wrong!

    In fact the next person to suffer could be us!!!

  7. @Jolie!

    Thanks for dropping by. 🙂 Two points that you made caught my attention:

    1. This is WAKE UP video!
    2. Abuse victims can not control the violence they are subjugated to. It could be anybody.

    I agree with both.

    But I have two questions:
    1. DV victims can not control violence. But is it really useful to force violent videos on someone who is certainly not (directly) concerned with DV and is perhaps less tolerant to handle violence?

    2. You say, “There are only three ways that abuse stops: One is the abuser goes to jail – this is short-term. Two is the abuser dies – this is long-term. Three is the abuser stops being abusive. This is the only proven paradigm.”

    My question is isn’t there victims can do to stop violence? Abuser may not go to jail unless victim wants to. But can victims do anything to stop violence?

  8. My first post! 🙂

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