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Illegal Kidney Transplants!!

Illegal Kidney Transplant

Medicine is one of the most noble professions in the world. I personally rate medicine and doctors, next to men in defence services!! Doctors are the ones who, at one point of time, were treated with the reverence of God, the life giver! Such is the impact doctors have, in a normal man’s life! No wonder then, that the grill and patience required to become a doctor and attain that level, is gruelling!

When you see such people, the so-called-doctors, abusing the sanctity of their profession… The life-givers indulging in practices which may take away the lives of people who believe in them blindly… bestow upon them, the faith akin to God – You lose faith in everything!

Doctors illegally trading in Kidney transplants was not unusual. What has recently been brought into light, however ensured that my respect for the profession takes a deep dive!! It is really difficult to believe that it is happening in China!! It is actually called live organ harvesting being done by Falun Gong practitioners at the Sujiatun Concentration camp in Shenyang City.

The whole story is so cruel, it makes you want to cringe. Points to be noted here are:

  • Kidney can be stored only upto 24 or 48 hours
  • The tissue of the kidney should match that of the patient. If it does not, then the body rejects the kidney
  • The demand is far greater than the supply, hence the wait for a kidney could be as much as a few years.

Now, in China, no checks are done… No proper medical instruments and facilities are used… People are being treated for kidney transplant on a very regular basis…

Advertisements appear on public bulletin boards and telephone poles everywhere in different provinces and cities in Mainland China. The ads read: “Do you want to a kidney transplant?”, “We can provide kidney sources immediately.” Mainland people say that China is now doing kidney transplants as commonly as curing social diseases. Even normal township and village hospitals can do it. Doctors and unqualified people are doing large numbers of organ transplants in private.

The result: People from all over the world go to places like Guangzhou to get themselves operated. Little knowing the kind of service that awaits them! Read here the case of a 52-year old Hong Kong citizen who went to Guangzhou to get himself another kidney! The “cold-bloodedness” of the whole thing is what gives you the goose-bumps!

Its not just happening in China. It is quite prevelant in India, Pakistan, and even Bulgaria!


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  1. A reader in my blog commonly says: when people get into medical profession for money, it ceases to be a public service it is meant to be.

    Organ trade is most grotesque of health crimes. We used to watch in old movies, but insidiously its has grown huge under wraps in the society. Sad to see India’s name on the list. 😦

  2. I dont understand, the blog title says “Its a Free World”…and all kinds of injustice on humanity is being written over here.

    Let us admit, we all know these social pests exists around us, but the question is “How can we solve it?”

    what have we become? Cant we see good things happening around us? Cant we try to create a community around this blog, who would volunteer to do good on human front?

    Any views???

    PS: Its a personal thought. No offense.

  3. Shri, You have a point.

    When the blog was started it was one of the aims to write about unsung heroes. Me and Nova have repeated this phrase so many times during our discussions. Yet we haven’t quite written about it.

    Each and every subject that has been written here were impromptu and natural. We have tried our best to have a solution. If not, we write to invite views and opinions (that we have not attracted enough 😦 )…but there have been some valuable. A woman wrote about the personal abuse so as to tell her story to others. (It is in on of the early posts.) There is no solution for domestic abuse, except that victims acknowledge and deal with it. They need to take stock and get out of abuse pattern fast. Awareness is always the first step toward solution. Isn’t it? (Second is to provide motivation to get the solution.)

    Having said that, its a great idea if we could create a community here to volunteer for good things. Any suggestions, how to do it?

  4. Hi Shri,

    I am glad we have a regular reader in you 🙂

    Now coming to your point, this blog was started with the view that if we can create awareness about certain issues surrounding us, we would be contributing our bit to the society. However, our duties dont stop there. We would like to point out solutions (like we did in the case of Global warming issues). However, a lot of times, pointing out solutions or suggesting remedies is not that easy because of the complications in the problem itself or the sheer scale of the problem!! In which case, we would start by simply creating awareness and then inviting readers like yourself to discuss and see if there is a plausible solution.

    Why it is called “Its a free world”? Because, we firmly believe that all the injustice and malpractices in the world, tend to rob us humans of our basic right as a human being – our right to freedom!

    Thanks again for visiting and showing interest 🙂

  5. imtiaz ali said:

    hello i am diabetic patient last 10 years and i have kidney problem and i am in dialysis and doctors tel me arrange kidney and i cant afford so please i request you help me

  6. The article isn’t all ture.I am a chinese .I live in tianjin city.I never seen this”The ads read: “Do you want to a kidney transplant?”, “We can provide kidney sources immediately.””or like this.

  7. @Imtiaz: Sorry you are contacting the wrong people!

    @Liu: Ever since the scam revealed this, the notice boards have gone down…

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