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Here, the “she” being referred to, is a 10-year old girl, who belonged to an aboriginal community in Australia! The little girl was gang raped by 9 men, who supposedly belonged to the upper caste. A case was filed and the offenders were either placed on probation or given suspended sentences.

The woman judge in the hearing, by the name Sarah Bradley, was reported as saying “she probably agreed to have sex with all of you”.

This enraged me beyond anything! What kind of a ten-year old would actually agree to consented sex, and that too with nine men???

A little more information on Judge Bradley’s background and you shall be shocked that she was the one who announced this verdict!!

Judge Bradley, 51, became the first magistrate in Queensland to be appointed to a higher court in 1999. Indigenous leaders welcomed the appointment because of her involvement in programs to keep Aborigines out of the prison system, especially in the troubled Palm Island community.

At the time, Judge Bradley, now president of the Australian Association of Women Judges, said it sent a message about women’s roles in society. “It is important for women to be seen in positions of authority and power,” she said.

Prior to her appointment to the bench, Judge Bradley was a magistrate for six years. Her first job as a lawyer in 1978 was with the prosecution section of the Solicitor-General’s Office. She subsequently worked for 13 years as a solicitor at four southeast Queensland law firms.

The focus of the gang rape case now is whether Judge Bradley, who is also a Children’s Court judge, should have accepted the recommendation of the Crown prosecutor not to impose custodial sentences.

What surprises me is the casual way in which she treated this offence. She was reportedly telling the men, that they should not have had sex with such a little girl. And then she told the 26-year old, “You should have known better”.

I hope the Australian Prime-Minister who has been said to be aghast at the verdict, does something about this!!!


Comments on: "“She probably agreed to have sex with all of you” – A female Judge!!!" (4)

  1. wht happ Editors??? no new posts???

    Blog readers r waiting….

  2. a rape is a rape whether done by an aborigin or an educated civilized person. the emotional injury caused on the victim is the same. and how can any girl of 10 agree to have sex with so many? even if by some kind of ignorance if the little girl was consenting, it is the judge’s duty to convict all the perpetrators and educate the child about the long term consequnces of such acts. she can not leave them go scot free! gang rapes are to be shunned by everybody. how could the judge pass such a judgement???

  3. Hey Latha,

    Thanks for dropping by. I completely endorse your views. Even if a ten year old wasnt aware of what was happening to her, it is a crime of minor rape and should not be lightly dealt with!!!

  4. @Sridhar: Sorry, one up for you soon. 🙂

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