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We had long before written about No-Pay Day for Women in UK. We had asked if such gender-based discrimination in handing wages was observed in India. Well, according to a government survey, answer is unfortunately in affirmative. Yes, we have gender-based discrimination in our country.

Here is what the report as published in Hindustan Times says:

The bias in the payment of wages and salaries not only overlooks the number of hours put in by men and women but also their educational qualifications.

On an average, in rural India, a woman’s daily wage is Rs 20 less than that of a man, though both work equal hours. In the case of daily salary, the difference is of Rs 50.

Children are even more exploited, especially the girl child. In the manufacturing and service sectors, a girl gets just Rs 10 per day in urban areas. Boys are slightly better off with wages close to Rs 30 for a day.

Were you surprised to read this?


Comments on: "Gender Bias in Wages in India" (7)

  1. No! (to the question). Its a sad fact that the discrimination still exists, in spite of laws and regulations.
    It’s more prevalent in the factories and daily wage laborers like u mentioned.

  2. yes, you could be right! I have never come across such gender discriminations in wages in corporates, but it seems it is common practice in rural India. 😦

    Thanks for commenting, how did you find this blog?

  3. I have ur blog on my google reader. I read all ur posts. felt like commenting for this one. πŸ™‚

  4. It is easy to have my personal blog Visceral Observations on reader.

    But I am pleasantly surprised and encouraged to know that It’s A Free World in on a reader! Somehow it always has low readership compared to my personal blog. 😦 Thanks for letting having us on your reader and thanks for letting us know this. πŸ™‚

  5. If you are going to look at a select group of people (i.e. rural india) and publish an article about it hoping to draw attention, then its a futile effort. If you see this in a larger picture, such a phenomenon doesn’t exist. In the corporate world, academic world, where you are rated on the basis of your intellectual abilities, both men and women are paid equally. In the labour sector, where women may have a certain disadvantage because of the physical nature of the work concerned, there is bound to be some discrimination. If say you have a job where you are supposed to lug bricks all day. If a guy is able to lug a 1000 bricks and a woman is able to do 500, there should be a difference in the pay, simply because that is the basis for evaluation of the work.

  6. @Shalabh: In our democracy, we have given our Constitution to define laws for us. In case of disputes, we go to courts.

    What I am trying to say, irrespective of the physical strength of a gender, our Constitution says equal wages for equal work hours irrespective of gender. So, it is violation even if evaluation is on amount of nature of work.

  7. nabakishore munda said:

    true facts. I have seen these things since my child hood, can we do something on this gender bias?
    the gap is just increasing in rural India although the fact is different in urban population.

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