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Sign this charter from CRY – Child Rights and You. It asks you to pledge on the following bare minimum acts you can do for your own bid to help girl child:

CRY Pledge stamp

I will take action myself

  1. I will not accept or perpetuate any reasoning based on myths or cultural norms and rituals that see a girl child as a liability to the family, and in a way become cause for social evils and crimes such as foeticide.
  2. I will not employ any girl or boy of less than 18 years as domestic help, or in any occupation that deprives them of the right to education, play & social life.
  3. I will ensure that all girls in my family & those I know have equal access to quality education and development opportunities to be economically independent and are able to participate in all the decisions that are significant to their lives.
  4. Acknowledging that all kinds of physical, sexual & emotional abuse on the girl child are perpetrated by close relatives, friends and acquaintances of the child, I will be vigilant towards realizing the right to protection of all children and promise to strongly voice issues that are silenced or ignored by not considering them a taboo.
  5. I will not participate in any marriage ceremonies or rituals in which a girl under the age of 18 years or a boy under the age of 21 years is getting married.
  6. I will respect and realize every girl child’s right to food & nutrition.

I demand action

  1. I demand that the Ministry of Women & Child Development take immediate action to stop female foeticide through effective enforcement of law & take severe legal action against offenders.
  2. I demand that the Ministry of Women & Child Development set up autonomous law enforcement agencies to work against traffickers and exploiters with appropriate redressal mechanisms and assistance programs for the affected child.
  3. I demand that the Ministry of Women & Child Development provide easy access to schools and create a safe environment, so that girls also readily attend school.
  4. I demand that the Ministry of Women & Child Development pass a separate legal act against Child Sexual Abuse.
  5. I demand that the Ministry of Women & Child Development create intensive awareness about the ill effects of Child Marriage among people and abolish it completely.
  6. I demand that the Government make it a priority to investigate malnutrition deaths and ensure policies and programs are put in place to prevent malnutrition deaths among children, especially girls.

Quite reasonable isn’t it, pledge it here then. 🙂


Comments on: "Eliminate Discrimination, Not The Girl Child" (4)

  1. This is a good initiative.

  2. yes, I received this in email. When I sent it to others, a colleague wrote in to say that this was the least h could do for he was also father of a girl child.

  3. Present time, child marriage is a curse in the global society. Child marriage is a violation of human rights. In most cases young girls get married off to significantly older men when they are still children. Child marriages must be viewed within a context of force and coercion, involving pressure and emotional blackmail, and children that lack the choice or capacity to give their full consent. Child marriage must therefore always be considered forced marriage because valid consent is absent – and often considered unnecessary. Child marriage is common practice in India, Niger, Bangladesh, Pakistan Guinea, Burkina Faso, Africa and Nepal,where mostly girls are married below the age of 18.
    Child marriage has its own worse effect on the young girls, society, her children and health. Young girls who get married will most likely be forced into having sexual intercourse with their, usually much older, husbands. This has severe negative health consequences as the girl is often not psychologically, physically and sexually mature. Child brides are likely to become pregnant at an early age and there is a strong correlation between the age of a mother and maternal mortality and morbidity. Girls aged 11-13 are five times more likely to die in pregnancy or childbirth than women aged 20-24 and girls aged 15-19 are
    twice as likely to die.

    The above is an extract from Arun Kumar essay “Child Marriage as an Human Rights Issue”. This essay was ranked among the top ten essay in Human Rights Defence’s Essay competition 2008. If you would like to read more, visit: http://www.humanrightsdefence.org

    Yours sincerely,

    Tomas Eric Nordlander

  4. are there any essays u hav on female foeticide ??

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