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Fight to Save Yamuna


The advent of Commonwealth Games in India in 2010 instils fear in me. Yes, fear more than the pride. For more than a year now, I have been reading about Delhi Government’s mega plans for Commonwealth village. Of course, government’s decision for Commonwealth village is commercially driven. This article will tell you how much Commonwealth Games Village would be worth.  The construction of Commonwealth Games village started in August this year amidst protests from various quarters.

In a capital city, where we always face a power and water crisis, building new luxurious villages is nothing out of norm. The thing that Government got wrong this time is that it plans to build its Commonwealth Games village on Yamuna floodplains. If Yamuna floodplains are stifled with permament structures, Delhi will be prone to floods in the monsoon. Because Yamuna will not be able to manage excess water without the spacious floodplains. National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) report clearly states this fact. Yamuna has always been flood-prone. Just this year in September, low-lying areas of Yamuna have been evacuated.

We still haven’t really recovered from catastrophic Bihar floods, yet we already have plans to jeopardise ecological balance in National Capital.

Farmers have been protesting furiously against it. But government has put cotton balls in ears. Various groups and NGOs like farmer’s group, Yamuna Andolan Samiti, Yamuna Jiya Abhiyan as well as a NGO, Yamuna Bachao Andolan have been vociferously campaigning to save Yamuna.

Apart from the fact that permanent structures can not be built on the river banks, Yamuna riverbed is also centre of seismic activity. We will not only have floods and earthquakes, building structures on riverbed could cause further shortage of drinking water.

You must now be wondering, if this project is so perilous, why is Government going ahead with it? Government is so hell-bent to go forward it has not bothered to get basic approvals. According to this report, both Yamuna Standing Committee and Central Ground Water Authority. This CNN/IBN article lists all the documentary proof to prove that Government has no approval to go ahead with the project.

Chief Minister Sheila Dixit, despite all anomalies, has audacity to say this, “Show me another city in the world, which has not developed its riverbanks. Development has to take place.” My vote certainly does not go to her this time.

Current status: This month High Court has issued a new order. Although it refused to stay the construction of Commonwealth Games Vilalge, it established a four-member committee to review the project. The Committee is supposed to submit its report within three months of its constitution. All construction under Commonwealth Games Village project will be subject to review by Committee. But it has no assurance for me or any other citizen. Atypical all Indian committees set up by judiciary, I expect the report to be delayed. Chances are Commonwealth Games Village would have already done the damage by the time the Committee finalises its report.

Sign this petition to save Yamuna that has been addressed to the Prime Minister. I am surprised only 348 people have signed it. I am surprised that Greenpeace that fought with TATAs to save turtles has not taken up this ecological issue against the Delhi Government.

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Comments on: "Fight to Save Yamuna" (20)

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  2. The commercial aspect is really good infact had always been good, as far as these National Ga,es Villages(NGV’s) are concerned, but at the cost of chaos and lives is really dangerous.

  3. i have been reading about this issue in newspaper for a long time….you see our government is more concerned for the pride in hosting commonwealth at the cost of life of several people living by the banks of the river……..multiple environmental hazards , floods are then going to be a feature of this city.
    alas give them some brains……..if you didnt have the capabilty to host the games then why nominate yourself for it …..just to prove your prowess ?

  4. I didn’t know that this construction was problematic. My office bus passes the site every day and I was a little surprised that they have chosen a site so close to the river bank.
    The same thing happened when the the Shastri Park Metro site was developed so close to Yamuna.
    It is quite dangerous because Yamuna always cross the danger mark in monsoons.

  5. praneshachar said:

    it is pathetic first to conduct commonwealth games if such acts are going to be done. we are vying for Olympics in that case all riverbeds will have concrete jungles. we are not strong in sports arena spend money for improvement in this field and then think of conducting games. at least we must have sufficient qualifiers.
    as behind every success there is someone, here being every project there is a vested interests,
    amount of contracts to be awarded flow back of resources etc. etc.,
    In this case who will bother to think about environment, ecology, earthquake, threat to human lives. our people both politicians and administrators think there is no value for human beings in a country having 110 crore people. This is the irony and what every they have planned will happen, yamuna floods they again welcome it some more works contracts so on so forth it is a pity and no amount of agitations will make them to change. once construction is over after wards it is fate accomplie

  6. @Tarun Goel: I agree, no one is against commercial project. BUt it can’t be allowed at the cost of human life.

    @Arpit: Yes, they are forgeting the importance of our lives just to prove their prowess that they can host International Games. I hope Sheila Dixit government gets voted out this time.

    @Amit: Oh, you pass this site everyday? How muh work has happened so far? For this reason alone, I willing to vote against present government. My life is more important to me than hollow pride of hosting some games.

    @praneshachar: Yes, seems to me if we host Olympics all riverbeds will be taken. I just hope Delhites exercise their right to vote in favor of a good cause.

  7. […] Poonam is unhappy with the construction of Commonwealth village on Yamuna floodplains. […]

  8. I never see the point of building these sports villages and huge new stadiums on the expense of wood, other resources and the increase in solid waste !!

  9. Well, the construction has picked up lately. Its in full swing now.

  10. your post echoes exactly my sentiments. how did anyone even let this happen?!

    but unfortunately our country is governed by corruption and the buck that passes. Very sad. I tried to find out a zillion times if there’s anything we can do.. i just cant seem to find a movement that would hold a dharna at the site. Why cant we as citizens make this happen? It’s gone to the dogs. 2010 common wealth games are causing more harm than anything to the city. Politicians have a goal to accomplish before a deadline adn that’s about it.

    It’s a pity we have become this microscopic society where no one would do anything unless and until it really really affects their life directly.

    I am with you on this initiative. My mail id is here, let me know if you are aware of any groups campaigning on this issue. I lead a bloggers group in Delhi. There are a lot of ppl there who want to do something about issues that concern Delhi, but dont know how, where etc of it. It would help if u can join the group here and spread the cause.


  11. @Reema: Sadly Sheila Dixit’s view is coloured with dreams of bank notes.

    @Amit: Yes, that is what CM is proudly boasting about. Stupid cow!

    @Twilight Fairy: Actually, this issue came to my notice bit late. It was through research I heard of the 3 organisations/movements. I think we should look them up on Facebook.

    I am glad to know you too feel strongly about it. I am willing to take personal initiatives, meet in person. I will write to you too. But meanwhile, if you ahve any thoguhts how to go abot it and garner support do let me know. I will soon write to you!

  12. building in such a hurry can lead to fragile.
    i dont know what was sheila dixit doing for the past year’s
    saying it’s going well.
    indeed it’s a shame for india & the indians.

  13. i think this is really a big issue and the government was taking this very lightly when
    our holy river was being played by numerous things like fruits, flowers not needed by it and at that time we and the government was sleeping and enjoying the dirty and untidy river but now i think we all are doing all this for our country’s pride and not by our heart
    ONLY FOR THE SAKE OF of Commonwealth Games in India.
    and i don’t think this is correct but at the same time i am happy that the effort is being made

  14. manmohan bhatt said:

    dear all,
    i heard a lot about u and your organisation. it is great movement you started in delhi. it is basic need to clean yamuna first. i also want to start a movement here in rishikesh as i am basicaly belong to these place. and many time we have seen so many prblem in rishikesh.
    now it is urgent requirment to save ganga in this time, if we fail this time it will be the worst as we can imagine as yamuna. before it goes the worst we should start a movement to save not only ganga but also our life. hope to see your views and guidence also. i want to speak to you. pls provide your ph no. my no is 09760612709.

    with regards

    manmohan bhatt

  15. Narendra Bhatt said:

    Hi, My name is Narendra Bhatt from England. I want to sign petition to save Jamunaji please tell me how i can do so.

  16. Hare Krishna, Jai Yamuna Ji.

    My name is Subhash Babu. I am always with tell me what can I do. I want to sign petition.

  17. Hare Krishna….

    Pls submit your petition and share this link to everyone around and have them to submit the petition…

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