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Study Proves How A Headscarf Can Fool You

Appearances can be deceptive. Here is a study that proves how appearances drastically impact our perceptions.

Objective of Study: To determine the perception people have of women who wear hijabs – a traditional Muslim head covering – versus women who don’t.

Below are the two images that were used for this study:

Key Observations:

72% people thought that women in headscarf is married while only 38% said that the western-looking women was married. 50% thought the latter to be working mom while only 35% thought that for headscraf-covered women. Only 30% wanted headscarf-covered woman as neighbor. 82% thought western-looking women are American and whopping 78% presumed that the head-scarved women was middle-eastern. 87 % also thought her to be Muslim!

Download this Colourful Report (pdf) to see the detailed results of this study.

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