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Hey, here are two pieces of news that caught my attention about women in Muslim world:

I had always wondered why women were not allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia. Now they are coming out with the legislation that allows women to drive. Drawbacks as I see are that this legislation will come into force by th end of this year (the year has just started after all). Also, it is predicted that the execution of law will be slow. Telegraph says that “Saudi Arabia is to lift its ban on women drivers in an attempt to stem a rising suffragette-style movement in the deeply conservative state.

In another news in Canada, three women sued their Imam for discriminating against them in mosque on the basis of their gender. Though Imam alleges that these women are suing him at the behest of their husband “who tried to “hijack” the mosque over sectarian differences.” What i truth remains to be see, here is the complete news story.

What is your take on these news?