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Gender Bias in Wages in India

We had long before written about No-Pay Day for Women in UK. We had asked if such gender-based discrimination in handing wages was observed in India. Well, according to a government survey, answer is unfortunately in affirmative. Yes, we have gender-based discrimination in our country.

Here is what the report as published in Hindustan Times says:

The bias in the payment of wages and salaries not only overlooks the number of hours put in by men and women but also their educational qualifications.

On an average, in rural India, a woman’s daily wage is Rs 20 less than that of a man, though both work equal hours. In the case of daily salary, the difference is of Rs 50.

Children are even more exploited, especially the girl child. In the manufacturing and service sectors, a girl gets just Rs 10 per day in urban areas. Boys are slightly better off with wages close to Rs 30 for a day.

Were you surprised to read this?