A Liberal Point of View to Life

Why this blog?

We all live in this world, which we treat as our property – something that belongs to us!! But, what escapes our minds frequently, is that this world is as much the property of the beggar on the street, as it is ours! He has as much right to its fields, and all that crops up from them, as much as we do!!!

This blog has been started with the sole purpose of bringing forth some critical issues faced by mankind today. We will discuss the issues in as much detailing as time can permit. We would like to create awareness and direct your attention to the plight and sorrows of a fellow human being!

Lets work together to create a better, safer and a greener world!


Poonam & Nova


Comments on: "Why this blog?" (9)

  1. cheers!
    quite exhilerated to hav come across such efforts…..
    n a silent prayer to express my solidarity….

  2. Thanks Ano. Its a small step. We expect it to grow and reap fruits some day!

    Nova and Poonam

  3. It is a thought provoking blog

  4. @Kiran: Thanks Kiran. Do keep visiting

  5. Just passing by.Btw, you website have great content!

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  6. This is a brilliant effort Nova, my best wishes and all my support are with you!

  7. We need more initiatives like this. Proud of you two Aquarians.

    Nova: The answer to your question on NGI is Yes. 🙂

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